(ENG) Finally back in civilisation!!

End of confinement week! Awesome! but now I’m a botak.

I’m glad to be part of the best section in the coy!

There were no lack of problems during the past 2 weeks in Tekong. Commanders did not know what they wanted and could not give clear, specific instructions. Really hope that they will fix that for the next 2 weeks when we cramp 2 high key events into 5 days. Recruits’ attitudes need to change too. If not, it’s gonna be a painful week all over again.

It’s also nice to see other non-enlistees in the same coy! All the old birds.

Either way, the past 2 weeks was fun. Escape from work and shut down the brain!


Let’s work hard for the next 2 weeks!!

and 6 more months to ORD!!



Btw, the mother cat and 2 kittens at coyline are super cute!

カワイイ (^._.^)ノ


(ENG) The flower we saw that day.



Going to Tekong in 3 days’ time!

Although my name tag not sewn on yet. L’s side has yet to pass them to me…

I’ll end up nameless for that 1 month…?


(ENG) Has my dream phone finally arrived? – the HTC M4 (ONE’s younger sibling)

We all know that the HTC ONE is a great phone. Packed with near perfect engineering, fresh design, top-of-the-line specs, and an improving customer service, there’s nothing more we could ask for.

Except one thing! I’m not sure how many of you actually feel that all the new and good phones are way too big for comfort. I find even 4.7″ a little too big for my pocket. I loved the iPhone 4/4s size and wished that someone could cramp all those specs into that small piece of gadget. Sadly, no one has really managed to do that right yet – until I heard the rumours today.

@evleaks is reporting that HTC might launch a new, downsized version of the ONE, with very good specs, called the M4. It will feature the same exterior as the ONE, but with a 4.3″, HD 720p display. It will cut back the processor to a dual core but the 2GB RAM is here to stay. Storage drops to 16 GB too, still without any external memory slot. The camera will boast HTC’s UltraPixel technology – which is really awesome. LTE and Android 4.2 makes this an even more wholesome phone. The 2 downsides are the lack of a removable battery and microSD card slot. Space wise, I can live with 16 GB. I don’t think I’ll need so much storage when I won’t be watching much videos on my phone. The battery included in only 1,700 mAh which can be quite a letdown. It probably won’t last half a day with that beautiful screen.

It is rumoured to be released near the end of Q2 2013.

While most mini variant or downsized version of their bigger siblings have proven to be very weak and totally unfair to the branding (see S3 mini, etc.), HTC’s M4 might just change that perception.

If this phones come to the market and survives a few decent reviews, I’ll definitely go for this – that’s only if they don’t sell it at skyhigh prices. But it shouldn’t, by how much cheaper the phone is compared to SGS 4 and iPhone 5 with any telco contract.

HTC, please make this a reality!

– via Phone Arena

(ENG) The perfect phone to fit my bill.

While in NS, and due to the location I’m situated at, I’m not allowed to use a camera phone. This brings the only choice to Blackberry. Now that I’m less than a year away from ORD-ing, I’ve been actively reading up on different phones and their mini-counterparts.

Before I enlisted, I was using an iPhone 4. It was revolutionary in its day. The size was just right and the quality was the highest in the market. It represented everything a perfect phone should have back then. In these short (not quite) 2 years, the phone market changed drastically. iPhone 5 was a letdown and the Samsung phones became much more popular – despite looking and feeling like a cheap block of plastic. Android phones are now doing much better because the more refined OS and app ecosystem. Long gone were the days where owning an iPhone meant that you have the best smartphone in the market.

As I mentioned, I’m preparing to ditch my Blackberry anytime I get out of the Army. It’s a torture to have no choice but to rely on such a phone everyday. Right now, all the ‘good’ phones are at least 4.7″ in size. I find that disturbing. It’s way too big for comfort and using with one hand, and way to small to enjoy any quality content on. Watching videos on a 4.7″ screen is not a pretty experience. You need to place the screen closer to your face and that strains your eyes more. When I feel like watching videos, I use my 9.7″ tablet – a size just nice for on-the-go video viewing.

Right now, all I’m hoping is for a company to produce an awesome phone – either keep it to a 4-4.3″ compact or make a full blown 10″ phone.

My dream phone:

  • 4-4.3″ screen size
  • at least HD resolution – 720p  (you don’t need full HD because of the viewing distance)
  • fast dual core (ARM A9 or A15) with decent graphics
  • 1-2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • accepts microSD expansion up to 64 GB (32 is fine too but who wouldn’t like more space?)
  • Thickest at 9mm
  • at least 12 MP rear camera
  • at least 2 MP front camera
  • Supports 4G, 3G, bluetooth, Wifi n (or ac would be awesome), NFC
  • IR Blaster would be cool
  • good battery life ( >2,000 mAh)
  • can be updated to latest Android OS


  • 8.9 to 10.1″ screen size
  • Full HD resolution
  • Quad core with very good graphics capability
  • 2 GB RAM

Anyone wouldn’t like a full tablet sized phone? I’d love to have one, honestly.

(ENG) Quick Post: Brainwavz R1 (Dual Drivers) IEM mini-Reivew

I just got my Brainwavz R1!

It’s a Dual Dynamic Driver IEM. Which means there’s 2 Dynamic drivers on each side – 9 mm for woofer, 6.8 mm for tweeter.

The best thing?! It’s only US$29.50.

And it comes with an in-line mic.

First impressions:

  • Over-the-ear design reduces “cord noise”
  • Great sound stage!!
  • Strong bass.
  • A little heavy and big, but fits pretty well.
  • They think that silicon tips are free – so many of ’em!
  • BUT! only 1 x T-series Comply foam tips… ):
  • Not-so-bad mids and highs.

Considering it’s only US$29.50, this is a gem! After burning in more, I’ll give a full review so stay posted!

It’ll be a UE 700 (dual balanced armature drivers IEM) vs Brainwavz R1!! US$170 vs US$29.50!!

I will try them with Fiio E6 amp too!

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(ENG) Hmmm! Build and Build and Build.

I just sold my old PC (except for the SSD/HDDs)! Just the main system. I doubt anyone wants to buy my lousy LCD monitor…

Here’s my next build (until I get sick of it):

  • i7-3770k – 4 core 8 thread for POWER $350
  • ASUS P8Z77-I DELUXE (yup, itx build which I wanted to try last time!) $200
  • Samsung Low Voltage 2 x4 GB (aka Samsung Wonder RAMs. Wanted Kingston HyperX but got this offer from someone. Might as well!) $50
  • Silverstone AIO Cooler TD03 (never installed water cooling before so this is the first try! AIO tho) $120
  • GTX 660 ti (haven’t decide which variant – still sourcing for options!) $400-500
  • Case shall be Bitfenix Prodigy. Wanted Fractal Node 304 but the customisation is too limited. $110
  • Undecided on PSU. Most likely will go for FSP Aurum 92+ 550W. 80+ Platinum. $125

Total: $1405

Consider this a upgrade which will stick with me for quite some time. I shall try not to get sick of this build…

I sold my previous rig for $1160. Good upgrade for only $235!! (from i5 to i7, 560ti to 660ti, air to water cooling)

Should be able to gather all parts by this weekend! Woohoo!

(ENG) Updates!! YAY!

Rather busy week passed!

And a more busy week ahead…

Why so many projects/meetings?!?!

On 10th May I’ll be going to Pulau Tekong for PES C BMT (Recourse)!

Heard that it’s gonna be like a staycation with only a few hours of serious work.


need to start addressing superiors using proper terms… it’s gonna be hard to adapt!!

The only sad thing is that I won’t get to go home everyday for 4 weeks.

the 4 weeks should fly past pretty fast, methinks.


I just posed this on Facebook:

I don’t get why people are helping the PRCs who protested against SMRT and making them sound like heroes. Their actions have influenced other drivers across the country to start skipping work without notice and caused tons of inconvenience for commuters of both public and private buses. They should face harsh punishment for their actions. Their problem could have been solved without the protest. They chose to take the barbarian route so let them suffer the way barbarians should.

Anyone disagrees? I would like to hear your comments.